Waimea Butcher Shop Menu

Waimea Butcher Shop is a whole animal butcher shop and can provide you with any cut you want.
We use the whole animal and offer premium Hawai`i Island raised meats, house-made sausage, charcuterie, jerky, cheeses, sandwiches, hot dogs, and chili bowls.  

The nature of only carrying the best quality fresh local meat is that our menu is subject to change daily, based on availability.  We also carry many items not listed here.   

Call us at (808) 657 . 4178 to see what’s in the case.  Please allow at least 24-48 hrs. for custom and large orders. Check out our catering menu here.  

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pimento cheese, pickled onion, arugula


pimento cheese, kimchee, arugula


pimento cheese, pickled carrot, jalapeño, onion, arugula


pimento cheese, arugula, bacon jam


pimento cheese, garlic kraut, Russian dressing

Butcher's Special of the Day

things like BBQ Beef, Lamb Ham, The Italian Stallion, + Spam & Cheese


savory beef chili, white rice + option for no rice

- All sandwiches come on a ciabatta roll, all meats are local and prepared in-house. -

Call us at (808) 657.4178 or come by the shop to place an order.


Big Island Beef Waimea Butcher Shop

Steaks, Porterhouse, T-bone, Ribeye, Short rib, Filet, Brisket, Stew, Strip, Ground,Top round (BBQ & Teriyaki), Meatballs, Fajita mix, Sausage, Bone Broth, Stock, & Tallow

Big Island Pork Waimea butcher Shop

Chops, Ribs, Bacon, Roast, Charcuterie, Spam, Sausage: hot dogs, Italian, breakfast, coconut curry, other seasonal flavors

Lamb Waimea Butcher Shop

Loin, Stew, Leg, Shoulder, Rib, Ground, Sausage, Neck, & Chops
(usually comes in on Fridays and goes fast)

Big Island Poultry Waimea Butcher Shop

Whole Chicken, Whole Duck, Whole quail, Chicken Feet, Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs


Call us at (808) 657.4178 or come by the shop to place aN order.


Our sausage selection changes weekly and may include:

  • Breakfast: local honey and sage

  • Italian: toasted fennel

  • Beef Portugese: savory Smoked beef with a hint of spice and diced pork fat

  • Chili garlic lamb: fresh sausage with chili flakes, garlic and lamb

  • Lamb Merguez: traditional Moroccan/North African sausage smoked

  • Pork Banger: English-style sausage with house herbs - a more savory breakfast sausage

  • Schwienlagerwurst: “pig beer sausage” - pork and beef German Style, spiced with caraway

  • Nduja: spicy spreadable pork sausage



Feature 100% Hawai`i Island raised meat at your next event. Whether it be a cocktail party, work lunch, or backyard barbecue, we’ve got charcuterie boards, sandwiches, and a la carte dishes to fit your taste. Let us prepare the food for your next gathering.